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August 8, 2011


Red is my favorite color and I was more delighted when I knew that my Bes chose to wear red gown on her/his wedding day.  Brides around the world have again started embracing the red gowns.

In India, a red saris is a common for the bride to wear.  It symbolizes good luck and will bring much happiness to the couple.  Japanese bride on the other hand, often wear red kimono dresses.  It symbolizes sexuality in marriage.  Chinese brides wear the color red to bring them joy, luck and prosperity in their marriage.  Brides in the United States wear a red wedding gown as a bold fashion statement. 

In the 1980's a red wedding gown was considered a luxury color by royalty.  It started embracing again in European countries and even here in the Philippines.  My Bes chose the red wedding gown for himself/herself not because she's a fan of Ms. Regine Velazquez but she opted for a dress that is more true to her own self-expression or of something she/he believe in.  Red is a symbol of love for many brides but for her/him, the choice of red wedding dress is cosmetic.  He/she wanted to stand out on her wedding day.  It accentuated her/his confidence and independence. 

Here are some photos during the wedding ceremony:

The respected person who initiated the wedding ceremony- Ariel

The bi-groom- Romeo

The groomsbi- ChaCha

The bridesgay number 1- Jessica

The bridesgay number 2- KC

The bridesgay number 3- Joan

The gay of honer- Wilma

And the gay bride herself- Joyce

The wedding ceremony was ended with the traditional wedding kiss.

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