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March 25, 2014


I woke up at around 3 am because of a bad dream.  I was about to cry in that dream scene with my family.  Ha-ha.  As I remember, it's more than 2 years already that I last cried.  Back then, I felt heart pain when I woke up.   Instead of going back to sleep, I decided to go online to comfort myself and in order to forget that nightmare.  I am listening to my latest favorite song "City of Dreams" now while typing this blog post.  

Don't let bad vibes enter your system.  Dapat good vibes palagi.  Kaya, despite of busy days at work insert tax season, I find time or shall I say "we" find time to relax and de-stress. So every time, I  feel  weak cause of stress, I excuse myself and go to the nearest grocery store and buy comfort foods or treat myself with sweets.  I love cakes and chocolates plus ice cream insert tulo-laway.  

Or we order to go at the nearest Jollibee branch and have a chit chat with my co-workers.  That pretty lady in violet loves and never tire of eating jolly spaghetti.  Sino pa naman ang di maganahan sa lagay mo Beckyjeans.  Ha-ha.

Or take a minute or two to pose (cam-whoring) just to de-stress ourselves from work.

Personally, I do crafts and arts everytime stress strikes me.  Kahit sa office dala ko pa rin ang hilig ko sa arts.  Yet, I am not the only one who is creative.  Almost of my officemates have their own creative side.  One of them is Miss Janine Cho, a Korean K-pop fanatic.  She even can speak Korean.  Ha-ha.  Saranghe!  We had an Origami session yesterday.  I was able to encourage her to teach me in making paper box, not related to Korean culture and arts  but she agreed. She said yes!  She hated me though of taking photos of her while making small paper boxes but I don't care Sandara!

The first step is to fold the corners of each square to the center, using a bone folder (Scissor can be use.  Paraan-paraan lang yan) to make precise creases.  The rest of the steps, you can do search online if you are interested to make paper boxes or maybe you already know how.  I am just here sharing the real origami session.  :-)

Origami was derived from the Japanes word Oro, meaning "to fold", and Kami, meaning "paper".  Kahit sinisipon, keri lang.  Hold on mo lang yan 'te.

It is debatable whether Origami originated in Japan, Korea, or China.  Actually, the craft originated in China in the first or second century and wasn't practiced in Japan until five or six years later.  

Paper-folding is strictly square paper, yet there are modern interpretations.  The newer forms demanded that all shapes be created from a single piece of paper using folds only.

And here the finished paper boxes of 8 in different colors.  
Advance happy Easter to Jerry and his company.  The paper boxes of mothballs are for them.  They attacked my office cabinet and left some shit.  

I hope my office cabinet will rat-free na!

February 11, 2014


It's a boring local holiday.  I need to fix my things but am too lazy.  I dunno how to start.  So much things to do.  Pero kaya ko 'to.  Goodluk to me!

January 6, 2014


 Photographs sometimes make it hard to savor a moment when it's happening.  In the future, having pictures will help you recall a happy time.- Gretchen Rubin

Rainbow after the rain- November 2013

 Sunset after the typhoon Yolanda- November 2013

Last sunset taken at Plazuela- December 2013